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«It’s paradoxical that one of the best works of the new progressive rock sung in English of recent years comes from Chile. Maybe it’s globalization?»

Marcello Marinone – Agartha Prog

«Thrilling. One of the most talented new symphonic bands I’ve heard in a while. The level of musicianship, the quality of the vocals, the overall sound of the band are all excellent, and the first track, «The Wharf That Holds His Vessel» is a nearly flawless symphonic masterwork.

Tom Karr – Progressiveworld.net

«A beautiful, introspective album. An elegant, delicate neoprogressive sound, with wonderful vocals, outstanding instrumental passages, stunning melodies and overall good taste».

Gustavo Bolasini – El retorno del gigante

«The band has a talent for creating complex and challenging compositions, but the honesty and humility to keep those creations grounded and accessible. There aren’t a lot of progressive rock bands that achieve both of those as well as Aisles – and the ones that do are among the greats».

Gary Hill – Music Street Journal